Free the Fees and Other Important Campaigns

The potential strike is a serious matter. Nobody is denying this but let’s not forget that the administration is continuing to hold onto GSA and CUSA fees. What does this mean to students on campus? Well it means that student run organizations will have to stop spending money entirely and possibly need to cut back the hours of the student workers who keep the Centres on campus running!

If you aren’t up to date on the situation related to fees being held, head to the general meeting being held in Becamps tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 16th) at 7pm where a representative from GSA/CUSA will explain everything in greater detail. We’ve also attached a forward received from the Executive Director of the Graduate Students Association (GSA) Phil Robertson, GSA.
I am writing because we’re in desperate need of help from Carleton students and alumni. The administration at Carleton is withholding the student fees it has collected and holds in trust for CUSA and the GSA. We have launched a court action, but in the meantime both associations are looking at cutting services and possibly staff as well as potentially having to close Oliver’s and Mike’s Place. Both the GSA and CUSA have existing agreements in place, but the Board of Governors voted to withhold the fees unless we sign new agreements that give the university more authority over the students’ associations. We are quite frankly fighting for the very existence of independent students’ associations at Carleton University.

Please consider taking five minutes to send an email to Carleton’s senior administration – all the addresses and a draft template (it is helpful if you can customize it) can be found at More information can be found at You can also join the Facebook groups Free the Fees Carleton U and Free the Fees! CU at the Board of Governors meeting.


A student and worker

p.s.-See you at the general meeting tomorrow!

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