Good News? and Meeting Times!

It’s official! Strikes have been averted. Yesterday, both units of CUPE 4600 came to tentative agreements. We’re hoping this is good news for the TAs and contract instructors. The details of the agreements won’t be released until members have the opportunity to vote. Fingers crossed for the best results.

Also, three of the working groups will be meeting this week. Admin Accountability will take Becamps 314UC (By Travelcuts) on Tuesday, November 23rd from 6-8pm (followed by our routine Karaoke at mike’s Place). Labour Solidarity will take on Sunday, November 28th from 3-5, also in Becamps. Student Space was rescheduled to Friday, November 26th from 3-5 in Becamps.

Anyone interested in getting involved is more than welcome to. Stop by any and all meetings of interest. If you can’t make it out, send me an email at

A Student and Worker

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One Response to Good News? and Meeting Times!

  1. A Radikal says:

    Correction – meeting time for student space is 3-5 not 12-2

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