Delayed Reactions

It’s official. We are back in action post break. As I’m sure you know via first hand experience, back to school has a habit of sucking up all our free time. Thankfully we’re finally getting back into our post break routines and can dedicate the time and energy that CLASS deserves. This includes finally updating our blog. Yippee!

This also includes holding another general meeting. We’ve received lots of requests for actions but how much fun is it to be a solidarity group doing things solo? Come on out and share your brilliant minds at 6:30pm on Wednesday, February 9th at Becamps 314UC (By Travelcuts). We’ll also be discussing what times work best for all of you. New semester means a brand new set of class schedules and we want to make sure you can do it all.

What else has been happening? Well we were invited to speak to a Human Right’s class about labour activism. This was nearly a month ago by now so I can’t recall the details but I do recall some great questions being asked. Why not start that here? Are you curious about anything we’re up to? Wondering if there might be a CLASS elsewhere? Anything else? Ask away. If we have an answer, we’ll share it. If we don’t, we’ll try and find it. If we can’t? Ha, there’s nothing we can’t do if we put our minds to it.

And last and quite possibly least, we’re now on LinkedIn. CUSA kept on inviting us to connect with them so I caved. No idea if this will be something that lasts or not. It might just become the greatest thing to happen to CLASS. The opportunities to connect with other groups and work in solidarity is a promising thought. You’re welcome to connect with CLASS here.

As always, anyone interested in getting involved is more than welcome to. Stop by any and all meetings of interest. If you can’t make it out, send me an email at

A Student and Worker

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