Myth #8

What an amazing series of events taking place in our world right now. I was excited to see French strikes a few months back. British student protests had me wanting to do back flips. Egypt though, oh Egypt. I could just smile forever at the way our world is going. People from all walks of life coming together, working together, and standing together to create a world worth living in. This is solidarity my friends.

I recently came across this blog post 10 myths busted by the Egyptian revolution. It was so inspiring reading them. #6 left me smiling with the statement, “Egyptians self-organized to provide medicine, security, food, childcare, sanitation, literacy, and communication—without bosses, the police, the courts, or parliament—offering a glimpse of what a better world could look like.”

What really struck a chord was #8: WORKERS ARE NOT CENTRAL TO REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENTS. This was a myth worth busting. Revolutionary movements shouldn’t count without workers.

As a student, I’m preparing myself to be a worker. A worker in a specific market, but a worker. How I will be treated in my place of work is in my hands today. By working in solidarity with other workers, ensuring that they have fair conditions, the standard can be raised to what is an acceptable treatment. I refuse to accept anything less than fair for anyone.

As a worker, I experience the current standards. I know what I want changed. Other workers know what they want changed. When we communicate and work together, these changes can be implemented. Through revolution or just reform, workers help positive changes happen.

A Student and Worker

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